No. Seriously. You can learn how to play guitar.

The PlaySmartGuitar QuickStart

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The Problem
Most beginner guitar instruction books want you to start playing Yankee Doodle Dandy or Good King Wenceslas. You don’t have time to waste playing nursery rhyme songs. With the Internet, you can find just about any song you’d want to learn how to play. Just type “how to play [insert song of choice]” into a search engine, and you’ll find YouTube videos and tablature showing you how to play the songs you REALLY want to play. But you still need a guide or handbook that will walk you through a few important things and show you the best things you can start practice while learning to play your favorite songs.

Learn How to Play Electric GuitarThe Solution
Scott Ferguson, a guitar teacher and professional guitarist for over 40 years, shares what he’s learned and taught to thousands of students. Scott has distilled his years of teaching into the fundamental guitar playing concepts every guitar player needs to know. This smart approach to learning how to play guitar focuses on what you NEED to know to play your favorite songs on the guitar without years of study or lessons. Even if you’ve been playing for a long time but have had few or no guitar lessons, The PlaySmartGuitar QuickStart will give you the knowledge you’ve been missing so you can quickly realize massive guitar playing results.

Guitar Lessons
Most guitar teachers charge up to and over $100 a month for lessons. But for a fraction of the cost, you can start learning how to play guitar today. This is the book I wish I’d been given when I first started playing guitar. Remember: it doesn’t matter if you’re learning on an acoustic or an electric guitar.

Table of Contents
The Guitar
    Tuning the Guitar
    Notes on the Fretboard
Reading Music
    Standard Music Notation
    Time Signatures
    Chord Symbols
    Chord Diagrams
    For Left-Handed Players
    The First 10 Chords to Learn  free sample page
    Tips on Fingering Chords
    Tips on Arm and Wrist Position
    Finger Picking
    The Capo
    Two Keys and the Truth
    The Next 10 Chords to Learn
    Barre Chords
    Power Chords
    Chord Variations
    Add9 Chords
    Slash Chords
    The Chromatic Scale
    The Major Scale
    The Pentatonic Major Scale
    The Pentatonic Major Sliding Scale
    The Pentatonic Minor Scale
    The Blues Scale
Altered Tunings
    Eb Tuning
    Drop D Tuning
Thanks Again
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    About the Authors