You can learn how music works while you learn how to play guitar!

The PlaySmartGuitar WorkBook

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Music Theory . . . Is “How Music Works” better? You can learn what the pros know by going through the 21 lessons in The PlaySmartGuitar WorkBook. If you can count to 13 and you know the first 7 letters of the English alphabet, you can learn how music works. Now you can learn how music works while you learn how to play guitar. Check out the free sample lesson.

Guitar Lessons
Most guitar teachers charge up to $100 a month or more for lessons. But for less than that, you can start learning how to play guitar today, with self-paced lessons. This is the book that will take your guitar playing and music understanding to the next level. Remember: it doesn’t matter if you’re learning on an acoustic or an electric guitar.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Know Your Notes
Lesson 2: The Major Scale and Key Signatures

Lesson 3: Intro to Chords
Lesson 4: Triads
Lesson 5: Beyond Triads
Lesson 6: Barre Chords   free sample lesson
Lesson 7: Chord Inversions

Lesson 8: Roman Numerals
Lesson 9: The Capo
Lesson 10: Transposing

Lesson 11: Major and Minor Scales
Lesson 12: Relative Keys
Lesson 13: Pentatonic Scales
Lesson 14: Dorian and Mixolydian Modes
Lesson 15: Harmonized Scales

Lesson 16: Minor Keys
Lesson 17: Arpeggios and Tapping
Lesson 18: Altered and Open Tunings
Lesson 19: Harmonics
Lesson 20: Open Position Triads
Lesson 21: Chord Embellishment and Substitution

Exercise Answers & Possibilities